Easy and Trendy Bogger Style

Easy and Trendy Bogger Style


Fashion week is always a hectic time for serious fashion bloggers. Long hours, lots of travel back and forth to the venues and not much time to take care of yourself, all while needing to look trendy and fashion forward. Not always easy to feel comfortable in these kinds of situations.
But I have a solution for you! Let’s call it the “basics and bangles” way of packing for your fashion week…

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Jardin de Joie by pretemoiparis on PolyvorewhiteClouds / martad_MelodyforMyBaby_el(46).png / by Satinee / floral wonderland / ЛенКинРом — «ldavi-paintersfaeries-lacewings2.png» на Яндекс.Фотках / rena_elements (68).png / 3.png / bld_pureheart_element (43).png / NLD Overlay.png / emeto_IYSD-present box2 b.png / tiram_atoll_paradise_el50.png / MDesigns_element34.png / element16.png / SekadaDesigns_danceofcolors_element(37).png / VC_LoveStory_Element41.png / mes tubes femme feerique - Page 6 / Robayos edited images - CSI for Poly / edited by Satinee Blumarine / Satinee
I Love My Lenovo

I Love My Lenovo

The French PR team for Lenovo contacted my and asked if I would like to test out their fun little “Yoga” tablet. Ummm…. OUI! I have an ipad tablet that I use mostly at home, but I have always prefered Android to Apple and I was quite keen on testing out the system as well as a tablet that comes with a keyboard (never been a huge fan of the digital tactile keyboards on the screen). So I hopped…

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Le Salon au Canapé Vert by pretemoiparis featuring wood mantel shelvesLight blue table lamp / Pier 1 Imports drinkware / Restoration hardware window treatment / GO Home Ltd leather home decor / Surya yellow home decor / Flower pot / Wood mantel shelve / Mission table / Green couch / Vintage Books of Tables, Engineering and Math / Vintage Book Set with Intricate Designs
A Parisian Perfume Prommenade

A Parisian Perfume Prommenade

Article écrit par Barbara de la Motte Saint Pierre, artiste Parisienne et par Melissa Ladd, et traduit par Melissa.
Article written by Barbara de la Motte Saint Pierre, a Parisian artist and by Melissa Ladd, and translated by Melissa.

Nous voilà revenus de notre ballade de perfumistas, Melissa, son Chéri et moi.
Here we are, returned from our Paris perfume prommenade, Melissa, her Chéri and I.

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Medieval Mystery by pretemoiparis featuring an initial necklaceTom Binns initial necklace
Parisian Magic par pretemoiparis utilisant copper home decorRiver Island ceinturon, $33 / Copper home decor
I seriously cannot stay away from this place! @treizebakeryparis  (à 13-a baker’s dozen)

I seriously cannot stay away from this place! @treizebakeryparis (à 13-a baker’s dozen)

Lazy Blogging Syndrome

My dear readers, its been at least two, maybe three years, (I can’t even remember that’s how long its been) that I have been sustaining a rhythm of publishing something for your Paris pleasure ever three days. These past several weeks I have been posting a lazy one time a week. Call it summer. Call it fatigue. Call it life. Sometimes Paris is just too delightful to remember to do one’s “homework”.

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Coffee& blogging session with my new toy #MyYogaTab from @lenovo @lenovofr at KB café.  #Paris  (à KBCafeshop -South Pigalle)

Coffee& blogging session with my new toy #MyYogaTab from @lenovo @lenovofr at KB café. #Paris (à KBCafeshop -South Pigalle)